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Board sizes  2800x2070x18

Feelwood Rift ST37

This texture showcases the authentic look of solid wood surfaces. Its texture is synchronized with the décor series which features deep and tactile cracks;

Vicenza Oak ST19

The H3152 Bleached Vincenza Oak is a decor that can be used to perfectly design the trend theme 'Simplicity redefined'. The neutral naturalness of the decor image makes it timeless and flexible to use, for changing combinations and applications. This colour scheme features a bleached and modern oak nuance, which is given a naturally modern feel with the ST19 Deepskin Excellent surface texture.


Feelwood Pine Grain ST38

The texture features a brushed softwood finish with a high-quality mother of pearl effect made of matt and gloss elements. Uni colours in combination with this texture look like painted or lacquered solid wood.

Feelwood Nature ST28

The texture is synchronized with the print cylinder of Gladstone Oak and emphasises the sand-blasted character of oak décor:


Feelwood Brushed ST36

This texture exhibits a deeply brushed yet very natural, matt characteristic that gives many different types of wood an extremely authentic feel: